World Tournament Schedule Genting Poker Series



The companions Poker News, that the current Genting Poker Series (GPS) held a tour tournaments in 2016. For those who want menjajali ability pokernya or feel ready to deal with a world-class poker players can follow the tournament.

For those who want to watch the game the caliber poker players of the world, for just watching can also attend this tournament. Genting Poker Series offers fantastic prizes in sterling. Kevin Proctor as Operations Manager Genting that the reason for holding this tournament for Lapakqq

“We listen to the aspirations of the players and the dark current climate to put the excitement back into poker”.

This time it was felt that providers Poker game less innovation and less give a good show so the game poker world began to seem boring and not fun anymore. Genting Poker Series has a unique tournament concept that in order to avoid buildup on day one they make it into a series of Genting Poker Series Mini (The Minis).

Each GPS Mini cost £ 220, the concept of The Minis have become popular where at the beginning of the year 2016 there is a full schedule for this Mini GPS GPS 2016 in the framework of Poker News will give the tour schedule. Maybe Sahaba Poker News who do not have time or do not feel able to resist the Caliber Poker players the world, can be used to train your skills against the Indonesian poker player through Online Poker.

The Friends can also tested the ability to play poker in advance in Vivaqq. Through this website, Poker News Friends can fight against other players (player to player). laim that they never use robots, like their slogan “No Robot Fair Play 200%” to be more than 100% ^ .. ^!

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