If you hear the word QIU QIU, it feels familiar to our ears would be the word that defines the name of a card game. Traditional game using cards Domino, included in traditional games area, and is usually played by several people at an event or just for leisure time only.

Here are the procedures / guidelines for play QIU QIU, namely:

1.A set of cards Domino QIU QIU, where there are 28 pieces of cards that have different numbers that can be played from 2 to 6 players, the numbers on the card illustrated with DOT (circle) is red.

2.The players Domino QIU QIU will be distributed as many as four cards, and the player who has the highest card value will come out as the winner

3.How to count the numbers in the game cards are the QIU QIU Domino, from the four cards dealt must be combined, of which four will be two pairs of cards with a combined value.

4.Total value of the card Domino QIU QIU be seen from the two cards whose value totaled and the numbers taken only the rear alone, that is if the sum of the two cards is more than 10 or maybe more than a total of 20 the number of values taken only tow only. Example: 16 (= read 6) and so on.

5.Each player will be dealt a three card Domino QIU QIU early – then on the first, and when the cards have been dealt as many as three pieces on all the players, then the players can each start betting and complain (raise) the nominal stakes for making card-four (card Last). If one of the players do not want to follow the bet amount proposed by the other players, the players are not automatically entitled to get all four cards and direct otherwise lose / lose. – On the occasion of the two is when all the players have to get cards-four (last card). Then the last bet or betting is done to determine who will be the winner.

6.The winner in the card game Domino QIU QIU will be determined from the numerical value of the combination pairs the highest.

7.If the game Domino QIU QIU ended in a series (Draw), then to the winner will be determined by way of pitting caste custody highs that exist in every player, and if there is no caste of custody between the player, the other way is determined by looking at the players who have highest spheres owned by the player.

8.On QIU QIU Domino card game, there are four kinds of card values that fall into the highest category (Special Card).

-First Special cards are cards six god value is the highest card number in this QIU QIU Domino game (as in a total of 28 sheets of card Domino only there are four cards of his DOT-6).

-The second card is a card Specials Four Balak. Where Balak Four cards are four cards owned by the player are all Balak.

-Special cards are all three of the Pure card, where four cards owned by the player altogether on DOT-it is at least 40 DOT (circle). But there is also a calculation that uses the concept of the Pure is 39 up to 41 DOT DOT.

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