The Positive Side to Play Poker


The mindset of people about the poker game is an activity that squander money and no benefits except when the moment of victory. It will be accompanied by the thought of money winnings will be used for things that are not useful anyway. Such thinking is not entirely wrong was not entirely true. Depending on the mental and human character itself in the impact of good or bad game of poker. Because in the era of digital today, saw a lucrative opportunity is the only way to survive with the standard of the quality of life of each human being.

Not entirely poker games are limited to betting money, but more than that. Today quite a lot of people playing a game of cards. Because the card game is a game that requires skill and strategy, there is like a chess game. One type of card that is often played was kind of poker. This poker game is believed to have more than 100 years old. Play this game not only provide sheer pleasure of quite a lot of benefits that can be obtained by a player in play this game on their lives. According to experts, this game is not like other card games, which can be played just like that, the player needs to think about the most appropriate strategies to play this game.

Playing Poker and Impact of Mental Development


When playing poker, one can bully or bullying by co-star hotels. This situation will train one’s mental indirectly also useful in daily life – today. Thus, they could have a more mentally strong in the face of pressure, for example in the work. It is also useful to improve one’s health. People who often train their mental game of poker generally be more robust in dealing with stress in their lives. Thus, the tendency of getting a disease caused by stress, such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, it can be suppressed as well. Although the disease can still be attacked by an unhealthy lifestyle.

Positive mental development was also allegedly had a positive impact on the careers of the players. As long as they can learn how to refrain from spending time and money at the gambling table. This poker game, indirectly influences the way people to socialize with co-workers and business associates. Thus, people who often play poker, have the courage to make speculations on their businesses. But speculation is meant here of course speculation that has been through a process of careful thought. With all things considered. Just as they did speculation against the opponent’s cards in a poker game.

Benefit Poker In View Business Opportunities


A poker player, like I was mentioned at a glance, is a game that forces a player to be observant in seeing opportunities. Because the game of poker is the kind of game that will make someone always lose when they are not able to see the opportunity. This situation is certainly very similar to what happens in real world business. Let’s take the instance in the execution of a project, which sure many people that come into play. A poker player would be keen to see the opportunities of which side of the slit or where they can win the project.

In this case all the resources and efforts, as well as marketing strategies that they will have them remove it. Also mentally strong, so that, generally they become a person who is not easy to give up on opponents snapping of their business. Playing poker games also make them know when to keep sinking and when to be silent and endure waiting for the best opportunity. This poker game became a kind of practice arena for people to increase their confidence and also their foresight in seeing a business opportunity.

Poker and Success

When a person is very difficult mentally prepared to face so many problems, until finally she was also smart in business opportunities, dipenghujung street people – the person is of course a person will get success. All this is one result of the exercise play in a poker game. We can see the difference between those who love to play, but still being able to restrain themselves, and those who did not like to play. Way – the way business is done by the players are generally different from those who do not like to play. We could see from the way they take the risk and also the way they take decisions on the circumstances that exist around them.

Just like the advice of people who are already successful in the business world, when doing business, the entrepreneur must be ready to bear all sorts of risks. Therefore, it is necessary to develop personal and mental attitude of a champion in becoming an entrepreneur. No successful entrepreneur who never fails, so does the game play poker, no player is successful with never lose. They also of course never tasted defeat, and perhaps not just once or twice, perhaps often. But, what makes them able to get up and learn the defeat. that could ultimately succeed.

Poker and Life



Actually a lot of value – the value of life that is positive that we can get from the game of poker. As a willingness to not give up and keep fighting, self-control, to know when to be developed, and know when to be quiet, and even know when to stop. That’s all, and many other things that we can get from playing poker explicitly. Game poker is a game that not only play but also full of meaning contained therein we can learn, for a better life.